Download Software is a unique data extractor that provides access to structured data from millions of websites. Its unique & excellent crawling tool delivers structured data feeds from the open and deep websites to thousands of clients worldwide. provides a free plan with a playground section that enables users to easily run some primary tests before going on a premium subscription. Now team is integrating Webhose API into their services. Their support has been exemplary since day one and team helps users adding blogs that users want to monitor.

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Users enjoy talking with the support at They are always very helpful. They support many different types of data sources and continue to make improvements and changes to their API lists. works really great and fairly simple to set up APIs for data scraping.

The cost of the platform is extremely affordable for companies and the rate at which they index new content and data is very fast.

The support team of is pretty much available whenever users need them and they usually respond with a solution within 24 hours so it really helps to know they are on standby. is almost unique in that it offers an affordable way of monitoring breaking news stories about clients.

The specific site search / other Boolean logic terms also help make easier.

It’s a bit tricky to use and import the data easily into a Google Sheet / Excel sheet but overall is the best value service out there.

The API provides an atmosphere to integrate high-quality data and meta-data, from thousands of comprehensive online digital sources like message boards, blogs, reviews, news and much more. Webhose API provides low latency with high coverage data by query-based API or by firehose API with an efficient dynamic ability to add new sources at record time.

Image result for" is a unique & finest web scraper for Media monitoring systems, databases, data warehouses, social media analytics services, Ad tracking reports, BI algorithms and many more.

The API offers access to structured web data feeds through vertical content domains. crawlers download the web, structure the unstructured data and index it into domain-specific sources. offers multiple data repositories which user can tap into:

News/Blogs/Discussions, News media articles, Self-published blog posts including niche websites and publishing platforms (e.g. blogger, tumbler), online discussions from message boards, forums and operational review sites, Dark Web content published in peer-to-peer networks (e.g. Tor). Using API, user can filter and consume the data which application needs in multiple formats, including JSON, XML, RSS, and Excel.

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