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Web Content Extractor is a powerful web data scraping/extracting software. Web Content Extractor allows a user to extract text and images from websites. Web Content Extractor is a highly accurate and resourceful software for web data extraction.

Web Content Extractor offers a wizard-driven interface that makes and starts a process of creating an extraction pattern and crawling rules in a simple point-and-click method. In Web Content Extractor Web data extraction is completely automatic and users do not require any coding knowledge.

Whenever the user extracts some typical data from multiple web pages, Web Content Extractor is the ultimate and unique solution. Using Web Content Extractor user can scrape product pricing data, extract real estate data; analyze Forex and stock market statistics, excerpt books, songs or movies information, news and articles on a certain topic; scrape web content on hotels or car rentals in a targeted country; extract information from dating sites or job web-resources and any more. Of course Web Content Extractor tool perfectly works with any kind of web information for scraping structured refined data.

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The program Web Content Extractor also features wide exporting capabilities. User save extracted data into an Excel file, CSV or txt file, export to HTML or XML, as well as to put the scraped data right into a specified database format using the built-in features to export data into MSSQL/MySQL script or into any ODBC-compatible targeted destination. Web Content Extractor allows users to apply the scraped/extracted data immediately and perform an in-depth analysis using a spreadsheet application, create a summary report and upload data via FTP, or import the data into the user’s application or service’s database.

A powerful multi-threaded web crawler engine of Web Content Extractor provides efficient data extraction. Web Content Extractor supports password-protected websites and can access the Internet through multiple proxy-servers ensuring reliability. The Web Content Extractor crawler supports downloading up to 10 concurrent highly configurable threads. Users can set to ignore URLs or include these URLs into the crawling process.

Web Content Extractor provides website scraping tasks automatically. The user needs to specify a basic extraction pattern (done in a few clicks) and run the extraction/scraping process. Web Content Extractor automatically scans the provided URLs and scrapes all the information that meets the specified template. Command-line options of Web Content Extractor allow setting the program to work with any third-party scheduler. Web Content Extractor determines elements on a page and the data type field suggests the extraction results as a preview, but the user can always make necessary changes.

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Web Content Extractor is certainly a unique tool to extract web data. Being a massive time-saver, Web Content Extractor tool has probably the best value for money and also users can try it for free!

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