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VisualWebRipper is a powerful data scraping visual tool used for content extraction from any web. VisualWebRipper collects comprehensive content structures like product catalogs and searches results. VisualWebRipper is very user-friendly, yet sophisticated enough to extract data from dynamic AJAX and other sites.

Designing web scraping projects is easy with the VisualWebRipper without any coding knowledge. To scrape data with VisualWebRipper, load the website in the built-in web browser and move the mouse to point and click on the content to extract. Users can organize a data scraping project to extract structured data and follow hundreds of links by just a few clicks.

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The project editor VisualWebRipper tools assist users to develop data extraction patterns done by simple point and click operations.

VisualWebRipper downloads complete content structures. The user has to configure a few templates and the visual web scraper VisualWebRipper will figure out the rest and scrape all the data.

The web scraping software VisualWebRipper has many advanced features to optimize reliable web scraping performance.

VisualWebRipper can submit web search forms or online booking forms. VisualWebRipper could be configured to submit a hotel booking form for all possible room types and details etc.

Many embryonic web scrapers cannot extract data from highly dynamic AJAX websites. VisualWebRipper provides a sophisticated set of tools to scrape data from the most complex AJAX websites. VisualWebRipper can export extracted structured web data to CSV, Excel, XML, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Ole-DB.

VisualWebRipper software can export data to Excel 2003+ and yield benefits of features in Excel 2007+ of outlining and embedded images.

VisualWebRipper automatically exports data on a required destination when an extraction project completes. Users can also export extracted data manually to any export destination.

Scheduling is a vital part of web data scraping. VisualWebRipper runs many useful scheduling options. An email is sent to the user every time a web scraping project completes or fails. VisualWebRipper has an open API, so the user can control almost everything from his own applications. With VisualWebRipper, users can create/modify web scraping projects, run the projects and read the extracted data using VisualWebRipper open API.

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VisualWebRipper key features are as follows:

user-friendly visual project editor, extract complete data structures like product catalogs, repeatedly submit forms for all possible input values, extract data from highly dynamic AJAX web sites, save data to CSV files, Excel files, XML and Databases, web data extraction scheduler with email notifications and logging, command-line processing and comprehensive API.

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