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URL Profiler is a web scraping tool that extracts and analyzes bulk data from websites at both the domain and URL level. As an analysis tool, URL Profiler executes a wide range of SEO-related tasks like content audits, backlink analysis, competitive research, penalty audits and much more.

URL Profiler gathers all SEO data points and tacks them together into a single spreadsheet – chopping hours off daily tasks. The quality of the URL Profiler tool is the ability to analyze huge volumes of data from thousands of URLs. Users can also perform different tasks at once, and at scale to help extract data from large data sets.

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URL Profiler is a software-based data scraping solution and not web-based like many other solutions in the SEO space. The software-based data scraping solution can perform relatively quickly and the tool does not experience any slowdown in the case of high server demand.

After downloading the URL Profiler user has to modify the settings to suit the processing power of the scarping machine and optimize for the type of tasks to perform.

The first tab in the URL Profiler settings menu is “connections”. the user can choose the number of synchronized connections, the connection timeout, and the maximum download size. The URL Profiler keeps the extreme concurrent connections at the automatically optimized setting. The guidance on “connection timeout” is to set it at 40+ seconds to give the URL Profiler scraping tool the chance at reporting correctly. The maximum download size stops the URL Profiler tool from crashing when it download HTML pages that are not very well configured. The recommended size is 1024KB.

In the URL Profiler link tab “Analysis”, the user should keep the default settings. In the “Link Metrics” tab, the URL Profiler selects how much API data has to be recovered from Majestic SEO, Moz, and Ahrefs. If the user is operating backlink analysis then the basic settings will suffice in URL Profiler.

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In URL Profiler scraping tool “uClassify” settings lets the user choose the uClassify Public Classifiers to retrieve for each URL in the list. Each classifier counts as a request which goes towards the daily quota. The classifiers user can retrieve for each URL include topics, tonality, language, sentiment, mood, and age. These classifiers might not be suitable every time URL Profiler runs.

The final setting in the URL Profiler scraping tool is “Proxies” which lets a user add proxies that come in useful when the user runs Google index check which involves scraping search results. The reason user would use proxies is that Google does not like it when people scrape search results and may block or ban IP addresses.

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The user has to simply add the URLs to get links from the URL Profiler tool, run the URL Profiler, and then look at the URL email addresses column.

URL Profiler scrapes unique structured data conveniently.

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