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The Sequentum Content Graber is a cloud-based web scraping tool for structured data extraction. The Sequentum Content Graber is the leading initiative web data scraping/extraction solution in the digital tech market. The Sequentum Content Graber platform manages data extraction procedures by visual click and point editor.

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The Sequentum Content Graber can scrape/extract structured content from multi-structured web-sources saving in CSV, Excel or XML formats.


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Salient features of Sequentum Content Graber contain agent logging, notifications, a customizable user interface, scripting capabilities, scripting, agent debugger, error handling, data export, Data Extraction, Disparate Data Collection, Document Extraction, Email Address Extraction, IP Address Extraction, Image Extraction, Phone Number Extraction, Pricing Extraction, Web Data Extraction, etc.

Furthermore, the Sequentum Content Graber solution offers enterprise management tools for proxies, scheduling, script libraries, and notifications. The Sequentum Content Graber integrated version regulates functionality by letting users deploy agents across various instances.

The Sequentum Content Graber integrates with third-party data analytics, data transformation or reporting applications. The Sequentum Content Graber support is provided by email, phone and also through documentation.

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 The Sequentum Content Graber is an advance data scraping software and provides a multi-tasking data extraction solution for small projects to large-scale projects. The Sequentum Content Graber has unique features like multiple types of browsers, Exporting Self Contained Agents, Scheduling, Auto-detection of HTML element with point and click interface. The point and click interface is simple & easy to use. The Sequentum Content Graber is reliable and scalable. The Sequentum Content Graber uses multi-threading to increase the performance in advance debugging, logging and error handling. Custom Scripting is used to control agent behavior, content transformation, customize data export and delivery generating data inputs for the agent.

The Sequentum Content Graber aims at companies with a critical trust in web scraping. The Sequentum Content Graber helps different companies in shaping packages to sell their private web scraping offerings.

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The Sequentum Content Graber data extraction services subscription is an entirely outsourced and premium web data extraction service for Enterprises. The Sequentum Content Graber consistently capture & validate publicly sourced web data, address privacy, security and compliance issues to deliver premier quality data for customers. The Sequentum Content Graber core data extraction services for the customer are as follows:

Custom development, hosting, monitoring & maintenance, unrestricted access to secure & customized customer dashboard, global team managing all aspects of integration, operations & maintenance, premium support available, detailed history of all active web data extractions, continuous monitoring for early data issue detection & resolution, auto-anonymized data, built-in tracker & audit trail for transparency, privacy, security & compliance and ticketing & communication system with email notifications (change requests & issues), etc.

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