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Scrapinghub platform runs an open-source platform called Portia a program aimed for Scraping/extracting website data. There are quite a number of spiders crawling to billions of pages, from the Cloud, scaling on demand; and web scraping Cloud services.

Scrapinghub is an innovative business intelligence software that emphases on data scraping/extraction. The Scrapinghub platform is proficient in creating, deploying and operating web crawlers. Scrapinghub offers pricing and price intelligence, content and news monitoring, market research, and analysis.

Scrapinghub offers influential tools such as revenue and pricing automation, product trends, competitor monitoring, MAP and brand compliance.

The data extraction platform Scrapinghub monitors assemble and scrutinize the most vital data from the websites. Scrapinghub is adept at online public sentiment analysis. Scrapinghub is also capable of market research. It commands businesses with high-quality market trend analysis, pricing, PoE optimization, research, and development.

Scrapinghub structures sentiment analysis that allows businesses to monitor other brands and companies, develop and observe products to make wise decisions.

A Scrapinghub data scraping project consists of a cluster of web crawlers called “spiders”. The different spiders within the data scraping project are manageable through the “spider” attribute of the project instance. Basically, the spiders run in the Scrapinghub platform. Each spider run is termed as “job” and the collection of spider jobs is signified by a job object.

Both project-level jobs (all jobs from a project) and spider-level jobs (all jobs for a specific spider) are accessible as a job attribute of a project instance or a spider instance respectively. Scrapinghub Crawlers are precisely engineered for web data scraping. It allows users to manage several proxies. The Scrapinghub platform runs robotic ban detection and management with 130+ ban types, captchas, and response codes. Scrapinghub copes and handles bans automatically upon occurrence. Businesses do not need to manage several proxy vendors. Additionally, Scrapinghub is skilled in simulating user conduct.

Scrapinghub auto-extract tool is capable of mining web data without the need for evolving and maintaining extraction codes of websites. The Scrapinghub platform provides detailed refined structured data to the user that contains pricing information, articles, and product IDs. The auto-extract tool is resilient to website data changes so that users have slighter chances of being regulated or banned.

Scrapinghub functions on a cloud platform termed as the Scrappy Cloud. The cloud is considered for web crawling operation to scrape data in a better way. The Scrapinghub crawlers allow users to monitor, control and route web crawlers on thousands of website pages with only a few clicks. Scrapinghub is tied with a full suite of QA tools for observing and logging web crawler activities and data.

Scrapinghub assists over 2,000 companies and millions of developers from across the globe who value accurate and reliable structured web data.

Scrapinghub uses open source libraries, such as Scrapy, PaaS for running web crawls, huge internal software libraries, including spiders for many websites, custom extractors, data post-processing, proxy management and a unique, efficient scraping service that can automatically extract data based on examples.

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