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OutWit Hub is a Powerful unique scraping tool for data extraction with simple in-built refined scraping functions and data structure recognition. OutWit Hub program covers a broad range of scraping needs. The design of the OutWit Hub application is accessible to anyone. With a single click on the side panel, the user can change the view to see the extracted data, documents or images.

OutWit Hub contents extracted from a targeted web page are presented in an easy and visual way, without advanced technical knowledge or any programming skills. Using OutWit Hub users can simply extract links, images, email addresses, RSS news, data tables, from different pages without source code knowledge. Extracted data with OutWit Hub can be exported to CSV, HTML, Excel or SQL databases and images or documents, are saved to hard disk.

OutWit Hub has a broad range of personal and professional applications.

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OutWit Hub is a unique scraping tool from ad hoc data extraction of research topics to daily extensive data grabbing to perform recurrent SEO analysis.

OutWit Hub Technologies is the publisher of software and Web services based on original Web Collection technology.

OutWit Hub general public tools simplifies the Web users experience by enhancing the quality of  search results of frequent new recognitions and organization features.

The platform OutWit Hub is a software kernel. OutWit Hub API allows users to build a group of tools using semantic technologies for a large scope of applications, to collect and scrape data and media from the Web to structure the collections and export them to common applications. OutWit Hub has various original automated navigation features, recognizing navigation links, series of result pages and automatically browsing of Web sources.

OutWit Hub Light is an excellent program that extracts all sorts of data from the web and organize it in a transparent manner.

OutWit Hub is very resourceful web scraper sporting an intuitive GUI.

User needs to know that the OutWit Hub program supports an intuitive user interface that is recommended as a solution aimed at techies and also less seasoned individuals who are scraping data from a web page. Users have to start using the OutWit Hub application to extract data in a website’s URL with the panel on the left providing a multitude of details.

OutWit Hub compiles lists of links, documents, images, and contacts which user can store them for later use.

The OutWit Hub software service can differentiate text from any type of content to extract significant words or strings of analyzed website’s source code text with common occurrences being disregarded.

OutWit Hub has four options: queries, scrapers, macros, and jobs. Users can simply manage all by creating new ones, deleting them, importing or exporting them, and more.

In OutWit Hub solution four data views are available:  tables, lists, guess, and scraped. First two can extract structured data and the other ones can either automatically recognize the data structure or let you manually define it.

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Exporting all scraped data is possible with the help of the “File” menu, which integrates various output settings. User can save extracted data as XML, CSV, vCard, HTML, SQL files etc.

OutWit Hub Light is a complex piece of software that collects data from online sources. The array of info and intuitive GUI enables even inexperienced users to segregate data they are interested in to scrape.

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