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Mozenda empowers IT companies to scrape website data from any type of website with over 10 years of data extraction experience. The Mozenda data extraction tool view, organize and run reports on extracted data. Mozenda is a unique cloud-based data scraping solution.

Mozenda is the most used web data extraction tool by different top quality analysts and IT companies. Since 2007 Mozenda has helped thousands of individuals, academic institutions, government agencies, and enterprises worldwide to get scraped structured web data to execute business intelligence, competitive pricing, market sentiment, and different analysis.

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Mozenda automatically identifies the targeted web-data for scraping and builds scraping agents to collect structured data from nested various types of categories and paging structures as well as names and associated values.

The table capture feature of Mozenda can gather huge volumes of table data of web documents. Mozenda also combines data of web pages documents into a single data set. Mozenda can scrape data from different formats like Excel, Word, and PDF. The key features of Mozenda consist of auto-populated input boxes, history tracking, data publishing and export tools, image extraction, scheduling, disparate data collection, document extraction, email address extraction, IP address extraction, phone number extraction, pricing extraction, and notifications.

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Mozenda collects structured data from various sources, such as news reports, user reviews, price listings, sports statistics, historical archives, and product catalogs. After getting scraped data from these sources Mozenda converts all extracted data into valuable business intelligence.

Mozenda restructures the collection of scraped structured data in the required format that the user needs. Regardless of the format or type, quantity and the complexity of online data sources, Mozenda can scrape the required data in minutes, not hours or days.

Mozenda is aimed to automatically identify names and associated values and create rich data sets and profiles. The Mozenda software senses name-value pairings across different categories and pages and targets appropriate information to capture and extract data automatically.

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Mozenda retrieves data from tables in few minutes and scrapes structured data for users.

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