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FMiner is a unique software for data scraping/extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web crawling and web macro support for windows and Mac OS X.

FMiner is a data extraction tool that combines best-in-class features with an intuitive visual project design tool.

FMiner ideally scrapes structured data from inputs, proxy server lists, Ajax handling, and multi-layered multi-table crawl performing highly complex data extraction projects.

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FMiner quickly helps users to master data mining techniques to harvest data from websites ranging from online product catalogs, real estate classified sites, popular search engines to yellow page directories.

The user has to select the output file format, record steps on FMiner to make data extraction on a target web site.

FMiner’s influential visual design tool captures and records every step and models a process map that interacts with the targeted site pages to scrape the targeted information. Preset selections for data type and output file, the selected data elements are saved in Excel, CSV or SQL format and parsed to specifications.

If a project requires regular updates, FMiner‘s integrated scheduling module allows us to define periodic extractions schedules by letting the project auto-run new or incremental data extracts.

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The main features of FMiner are as follows:

Easy to use, powerful web scraping tool, the visual design tool
Design a data extraction project with the easy to use the visual editor in less than ten minutes, no coding required, point and click interface to record a scraping project, advanced features to
extract data from hard to crawl Ajax and JavaScript dynamic websites, multiple Crawl Path Navigation Options, drill through site pages using a combination of link structures, keyword Input Lists, upload input values to be used with the target website, nested data elements, Crawl link structures to capture nested product catalog, search results or directory content, Multi-threaded crawl, advance data extraction tools, export formats, export harvested records in Excel, CSV, XML/HTML, JSON and other databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL), CAPTCHA tests and many more to scrape structured data.

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