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Diffbot is an efficient web data scraping solution trusted by IT business professionals to mine and extract precise structured data from any website. Diffbot data scraping solution uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and a set of APIs to analyze web pages and extract data. Diffbot automatically scrapes data with any coding knowledge.

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The main features of Diffbot scraping solution are:

AI-Powered Web Data Extraction, Extract Clean, Structured, Normalized, and Accurate Data, Requires No Rules and Training, Automatically Analyzes Web Pages, Article API, Discussion API, Image API, Video API, Product API, Comprehensive Knowledge Graph, Discover Relationship between Entities, Query and Get the Exact Answers, Web Crawling Tool, and Batch Processing.

Diffbot scrapes data from different entities found on the webpages such as people, places, companies, organizations, businesses, products, articles, and discussions. Diffbot recognizes how information and entities are connected with each other, making easy for users to understand the data delivered by the software.

Every website contains a large amount of data scattered across sites, pages, and other parts online.  It is not an easy job to extract data from a required web but Diffbot scrapes structured data using a web scraping technique. Web scraping is an automated data extraction technique that eliminates manual data extraction. Diffbot scraping tool does not need to perform any manual data extraction or Internet research.

Diffbot is an ultimate tool for monitoring product pricing changes across e-commerce websites and marketplaces. Diffbot is also used for candidate hiring purposes, enabling recruitment teams to verify applicant information and find the right candidates to build a new workforce.

Diffbot is cool to set up and implement. Diffbot automatically performs given extraction jobs like an autonomous and intelligent person.

Diffbot uses a set of APIs for scraping powered by Artificial Intelligence. Using APIs the Diffbot solution automatically extracts clean, structured, normalized, and accurate data like articles, discussions, images, videos, and products.

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Diffbot can also extract comments and reviews with the aid of its discussion API. Diffbot article API has a text analysis capability, so comments, reviews, and other discussion-related posts are recorded automatically to determine the sentiment behind the extracted texts.

Diffbot has also an image API to extract images from webpages.

Diffbot has a product API that collects information about products on various shopping or e-commerce sites and pages. This product API of Diffbot extracts pricing data, product IDs, product descriptions, and even product-related content like images from web pages.

Diffbot provides an inclusive knowledge graph of different entities that comprise people, places, companies, organizations, businesses, products, articles, and discussions.  Diffbot knowledge graph supports users to discover how web entities are linked with each other.

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Diffbot has a web crawler tool termed as Crawlbot. Crawlbot simplifies data extraction. For instance, Diffbot Crawlbot tool can be paired with the product API to automatically extract all products along with the associated product data for extraction. Crawlbot can index site or page data in a structured manner and also generates an auditable record of all the past crawling activities performed by it.

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