Download Software is a web scraping & intelligent automation tool for scraping IT professionals used by globally leading companies. is a unique, significant and most developed web scraping tool which enables users to extract and transform data from any online web source using leading automation and intelligent mining skills. allows users to scrape, extract or relate with data from any website. Advanced features and APIs of helps users transform and associate data into influential datasets or solutions.

Image result for" has simplified intelligent web scraping/extracting solutions for FMCG’s, Hedge funds, Banks, Retailers and many other industries where decisions are driven by facts and data rather than an intuitive sense.

Users can harvest required data with‘s précised scraper, search data with  Crawler, refine and enrich scraped data with intelligent pipe robots and finally connect directly with API and secure web hocks. is fast & easy to use with the most advanced web scraper on the market from user can extract data from any website. To scrape targeted data just point and click on any object to build and expand even the most complex automation tasks. preview area shows the user the page which is currently being scraped and its current state within user robot. offers a simple timeline interface to help the user to build and visualize robot workflow.

Image result for" empowers the user with context-sensitive short cuts that are shown when the user makes a selection in the preview area, giving instant access to triggers and actions to drive the project forward. has add-ons feature. Users can extend what he wants to do with using its growing list of add-ons. Through add-ons, more features are accessible in the scraper and Pipes can integrate into a growing list of data stores and endpoints like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Amazon S3.

Users can expect a lot of new & cool add-ons to be added in the time to come! is a cloud-based data processing, scraping and extracting tool that helps IT professionals and users extract and scrape important data from a lot of websites. The solution provides Extractor Robots to automate data from any website from any modern browser. Pipe Robot collects data from APIs and websites empowering users to apply post-processing on data through data transformation and ETL.

Some very significant and primary features of comprise debugging, processing, scaling, integrations, duplication, background checks, data scraping, web crawling, and research management. platform also structures a data mining tool, which allows users to access content from password-protected content of websites. Furthermore, processing proficiencies lets users transform, aggregate, combine or manipulate unstructured data. is priced on a monthly or annual subscription basis and support is provided through documentation and live chat.

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