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Cheerio is a Node.js library and helps IT professionals, to evaluate web pages with a jQuery-like syntax. Users can utilize ButterCMS API documentation and use Cheerio to extract all the API endpoint URLs.Cheerio implements a subset of core jQuery and eliminates all the DOM discrepancies from the jQuery library revealing API.

Cheerio library that makes core jQuery creeds to parse HTML to manipulate DOM data.

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Cheerio works with a very reliable DOM model and ultimately parsing, manipulating, and rendering results are extremely efficient.

Cheerio can parse any type of HTML and XML document.

Cheerio is not a web browser. Cheerio parses markup and runs an API for traverse manipulating the data structure. Cheerio does not infer the result like other web browsers. Cheerio does not yield a visual rendering, apply CSS, load external resources, or execute JavaScript.

Web scraping libraries present in the IT market run on most popular programming languages and platforms Cheerio uses jQuery-based API because jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library in use. JQuery is used in browser-based JavaScript applications to traverse and manipulate the DOM. Users execute jQuery to acquire the paragraph text.

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The jQuery API is very beneficial using standard CSS selectors for elements search and extracting data with readable API. JQuery is functioning only inside the browser and cannot scrape the web data. Cheerio resolves the problem by providing jQuery’s functionality within the Node.js runtime and it can be used in server-side applications.

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Cheerio can’t access to the browser’s DOM unlike JQuery and as an alternative, the user has to load the source code of the website page to crawl. Cheerio loads HTML code as a string and returns an instance that is used just like jQuery.

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